MAZAL – LES PLUMINIS is a French Company that creates,manufactures and distributes, dolls, clothing and accessories, made with great care and quality, in Europe,(Spain) all our products are strictly conform with all European safety standards and regulations.

We are located in Paris, France home to “Haute Couture “ and “Pret a porter” the main reason why Pluminis was founded in Paris, in 2000 by Josianne and her sister Sylvie Kagan .

The company started with high-end designer clothing for Dolls, just like in Adult Fashion, collections were produced each season from our ateliers in Paris.
Later Pluminis developed into what we are today, the “reference” company for the educational Dolls, Dolls clothing and accessories, distributed in more then 30 countries and growing.

Early learning Play dolls to develop pedagogic values with symbolic games

It’s all about quality, our educational products are tailor made for young kids, who love the soft touch of our baby’s.

This also allows teachers to develop many activities and themes for them, introducing some basic skills and knowledge about the different ethnic origins, sex, color combinations, clothing combinations, seasonal differentiation, behavior apprenticeship, what to wear in the daytime or at night, and all of this translates into care and affection, learning to live together recognizing and respecting our differences are all part of the process in a child’s universe.

We use our own molds and warrant the originality of our creations and models, the quality of all the materials used and the product conformity and the respect of all basic security norms, all this without the use of Phthalates nor Cadmium.

Easy to dress and undress and wash are some of the practical elements we bring as well !
On offer is a wide range of male and female dolls and babies, which are sexed, ethnic, haired or not. Sizes vary between 20 to 60 cm, with a full set of thematic clothes.